5 Tips for Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping your property is a comprehensive project that requires regular maintenance from your side. There are many situations that can negatively affect the life and quality of your shrubs, trees, flowers, plants, and lawn. Weather plays a major role in the life of a landscaped lawn or a backyard. Nature elements like rain or wind can ruin the whole landscaping if you are not careful with maintenance of the property.

Maintenance tips

Landscaping maintenance, as said above, is crucial in ensuring that your landscaping efforts do not fade away with time. Given below are a few tips on helping homeowners preserve the landscape of their property that they have put much effort in making.

Tip 1:

When the plants have been initially installed, there’s frequently a level of transplant shock. As such, proper water becomes essential for the life of gardens and lawn. To achieve the best results, you should pour water directly into root balls so that complete saturation occurs 203 times every week. Sprinklers and irrigation systems may not give significant saturation till the root expansion occurs in the surrounding soil area.

Tip 2:

If you care properly for the plants and place them in proper locations, then you can be sure that they will be in good condition. Also, by proper placing, you can avoid damages caused by diseases and insects. If required, you can also apply pesticides in the affected areas.

Tip 3:

The basic maintenance of lawns includes proper watering, especially during hot and dry periods. To have an established lawn, deep watering (about an inch in depth) should be done every morning. You can buy rain gauges from the local gardening center. When installing a new lawn, it is advisable to water twice daily, once in morning and once again in the late afternoon. Don’t water new sods in the evenings as it may lead to fungus growth due to excessive moisture.

Tip 4:

In case of first time landscaping of the property, it is recommended to hire the services of professional landscapers to help maintain the property. This can be looked as a sort of partnership – you give the input about what type of look you’re expecting, and the firms will then help you in achieving your targets. Also, participate actively in the decoration and planning phases of the landscaping.

Tip 5:

According to professional designers, the lawn and gardening improvements can help increase the value of your property by 7-15 %. This is in spite of the economic slowdown. As such, you have more reasons for maintaining your property. Landscaping maintenance can be an exhausting affair. It requires constant care and improvements to make it look nice. Hiring professional landscapers for maintenance jobs can save you a lot of time and energy.

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