Client Testimonials

Thanks for coming out today. I appreciate the time you took to explain the irrigation system to me, and even to adjust my lawn mower! The guys did a great job with the flowers.

William & Jenny ~ Raleigh, NC

I want to mention to you that I really enjoy my back yard. There is always something blooming and I love it so much. Thank you so much for the great design–it is beautiful.

Charles ~ Cary, NC

Wow! You and your crew did a fantastic job. Thank you for taking the time to send me your photos. Everyone here was very impressed.

Larry ~ Apex, NC

What a nice gift to hear from you and get a picture of our favorite home… Thanks for the special care you give our home.

Sarah ~ Garner NC

We really appreciate all the work and things are looking good. You have some hard workers. I can’t believe how much they accomplished in just a few days last week. …Thanks for all the work!

Tim & Dawn ~ Hillsborough, NC

We have a corner lot and have lots of lawn to show so lawn care is very important to us. Our neighbors are always remarking how nice and green the lawn looks. What I like most about PlanTenders is that they never cut the lawn too close. This allows the lawn to retain moisture, stay greener, and reduce weed growth. This saves me money in the long run since I now don’t have to overseed every autumn. And the nice thing is that I never did tell PlanTenders how I liked the lawn cut. They just knew how to do it right. I have received accolades not only from the Town of Cary for how the lawn is cut, but also from researchers at NC State University who have been experimenting with in-ground water sensors. I just smile and tell them that I have a great lawn care service.

Wayne ~ Cary
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