Designing a Residential Landscape in NC

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Residential landscaping imbibes a charm into your home. It is one of the best ways to let nature mingle with your property, and give an aesthetic look along the way. There are many steps involved in designing the perfect residential landscape for your home, as discussed below.

Steps for designing

The most crucial part of planning residential landscaping is to develop the plot plan. This is basically a conscious modification of the outdoor area of your property, so as to get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of the yard. A perfectly designed landscape can provide good functionality as well as an aesthetic appeal. Also, good landscaping design can potentially increase the value of your property during resale.

Unfortunately, people tend to ignore the planning process when creating their own residential landscape. Designing complex landscapes can also prove to be detrimental to your property. These require a lot of maintenance later on, and you will end up spending a lot of money on the property, than you initially intended to.

Some specific landscaping designs require very less maintenance such as organic gardening, minimal water features, and native plants and trees can help in reducing maintenance needs, while giving a pleasing look. You can also opt for drought resistant local plant species as they are pretty hardy in the local climate.

When putting down the plan on paper, be sure to include things like patios, decks, fountains, bird baths, hammocks, mail boxes, and so on, along with trees, shrubs, and plants. These can greatly accentuate the look of the yard.

Putting on paper

First, draw the outline of the plot on a graph paper. This can help you in optimizing the design. Rough sketches can give an idea about the features you would like to install in your yard. Also, mark the drainage pipes, sewage tanks, and power lines in the design.

Next, mark areas that are in and out of the sun. This will allow you to place trees accordingly. Also, make a note of the wind direction in your calculations for the same purpose. Other things to include in your sketches are the family items like trampoline, pools, play areas, slides, and so on. Also, provide sufficient space in the plans for driveways and walkways leading to different areas of the yard.

Ensure that enough space has been allocated for dog houses and garbage bins, firewood sheds, and clothes lines. These can be overlooked, and can later result in unnecessary hassles of arranging more space and refitting a few things.

Residential landscaping has a number of advantages for you and your family, and contributes positively to the environment in the process. By following the instructions given above, you can rest assured that the landscape is beautiful and functional at the same time.

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