Beautiful Gardens from Around the World

Seven Beautiful Gardens from Around the World


North Carolina is host to roughly 30 botanical gardens throughout the state. Perhaps you’ve visited one of these beautiful gardens, and seen these arrangements of flowers and plants. While these beautiful gardens are certainly lovely, there are truly spectacular gardens beyond our American borders. These are seven of the most awe-inspiring gardens from around the world.


1. Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada

Butchart 1

Butchart 2

Butchart 3

Butchart Gardens Website

Butchart Gardens Wiki


2. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Chonburi Province, Thailand

Nong Nooch 1

Nong Nooch 2

Nong Nooch 3

Nong Nooch Garden Website

Nong Nooch Wiki


3. Keukenhoff Gardens, Netherlands

Keukenhof 1

Keukenhof 2

Keukenhof 3

Keukenhoff Gardens Website

Keukenhoff Gardens Wiki


4. Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba 1

Curitiba 2

Botanical Garden of Curtitba Wiki


5. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

Cosmic 1

Cosmic 2

Cosmic 3

Gardens of Cosmic Speculation Website

Gardens of Cosmic Speculation Wiki


6. Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

Yuyuan 1

Yuyuan 2

Yuyuan 3

Yuyuan Garden Wiki


7. Gardens of Versailles, France

Versailles 1

Versailles 3

Versailles 2

Gardens of Versailles Website

Gardens of Versailles Wiki

Now that the season of autumn has fallen upon us, you might notice some other things falling upon you. Of course, I’m talking about leaves! While we all love to see the beautiful reds, yellows, oranges, and browns in our trees, we can all agree that raking up leaves can really be a drag. But we can’t ignore the leaves, as leaving whole leaves on your turf can smother the grass underneath and allow for snow mold to form. Here are five ways in which you can deal with these pesky plant pieces.

1. Till them into your garden

Once leaves are collected, you can finely grind the leaves and till them into your garden or flowerbeds. They are an excellent source of nutrients and organic matter for your plants as they break down during the winter. They will also be a delicious food source for your earthworms, which are great insects to have squirming around in your soil. [Note: If you do not have an attachment on your lawnmower that will grind leaves, you can grind them manually by collecting the leaves in a trash can and using a string trimmer to chop them up. Just be sure to wear proper eye protection!]

2. Mow them into your grass

Those finely ground leaves can also be used to improve your turf. This is best accomplished during times of light leaf-fall, as too much leaf cover is bad for your grass, no matter how finely ground it is. Either use a mulcher or trash can & string trimmer to grind the leaves and spread them across your yard. The leaves will allow for improved water infiltration and more microbial activity. Keep in mind that this tip is only for well-established lawns, as leaves can act as a detriment to newly sown lawns.

3. Use them to start a compost pile

Combining your finely ground leaves with other compostable organic material, such as grass clippings or coffee grounds can be a great start to a vibrant compost pile. Compost is great food for plants and a fantastic way to help the environment!

4. Give your leaves to others

If you have extra leaves, call your local municipalities and local nurseries to see if they could use your leaves for mulch, compost, or other type of plant food.


Don’t Rake those leaves, mulch them into your lawn – Scott’s Miracle Grow

Improving a Lawn – The Lawn Institute

What to do with Fall Leaves- Dept of Environmental Conservation

What to do with your dead leaves – Mahoney’s

Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing with Landscape Design in Cary, Apex & Sanford

Too many residents in the cities of Sanford, Chapel Hill, Apex, and other areas in the region spend less time outside than they might like. They are often busy, and they might not have the time to devote to creating an inviting backyard. However, having excellent landscaping can help to improve your wellbeing with landscape design Cary, Apex & Sanford. The right design can make a huge difference and provide you with exactly what you need to have an ideal outdoor experience. Let’s look at some of the ways that your yard can change your life and improve your wellbeing.


Yoga and Exercise

First, a nice yard might make it easier for you to get outside and to enjoy some exercise. Doing some light or heavy exercising in the yard amidst nature is a great way to start the day or to unwind. It can also be a great spot to do some yoga or Pilates, as well as other types of fun exercise. It’s far more entertaining to exercise outside than it is to do it in the living room or the dismal basement. Outdoor living in Cary and nearby neighborhoods is simply better with a beautiful yard.

Along the same lines, you might want to consider a landscape redesign to help with meditation. Whether you have been meditating for a while now, or you are just starting to meditate, a beautiful yard featuring some waterscapes could be very conducive to a great, relaxing session.


Reduce Stress

Having an excellent space for outdoor living in Raleigh is also nice for reducing stress. Simply sitting in the yard and listening to the birds and the way the wind plays on the plants can be quite soothing. Everyone today seems to be under a great deal of stress. Having a place to decompress and unwind can be quite enjoyable and good for physical and mental health.



Since many people are so busy, they do not often have time to spend with their friends and loved ones. A great space for outdoor living in Sanford or Chapel Hill can help make entertaining quite a bit easier on you. You can be proud to have people come over and enjoy all of the magic of the space. You can have a barbecue, spend some time talking and laughing around the fire pit, and listen to some great music. This helps you to reconnect with your friends and family quite nicely.


Fresh Air and Sunshine

People are spending too much time inside at work, and they are even inside when they are at home. You need to experience true outdoor living in Raleigh and other NC cities. Get outside and start to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. Whether you live in Preston, Jordan Lake, or one of the other neighborhoods in the area, you need to work with a quality landscaper to create the best yard for all of your needs. It really can be important for your wellbeing.



Rainy day? Check out these yoga studios in Cary:

What do you see when you stare out the window at your backyard? Perhaps you see a space that you are not using properly and fully. This is what most people see, since they simply do not put enough time and effort into landscaping. You might see a space that needs plenty of work and that has seen some better days. However, when you look beyond that initial veneer, you can see the true potential of the area. You can start seeing it as the modern work of art that it can be. Of course, if you do it yourself it will take some time and planning to get your yard into shape.  If you want to hire a professional landscaping company who specializes in modern landscaping, then give us a call.


Blending Landscape and Hardscape

Consider the landscaping of your property currently, including the trees and shrubs on the property. Do you want to add more, remove the ones you have, or change out the turf? Getting the most out of your yard might include irrigation and drainage work. The hardscape needs to match and flow well with the rest of your landscaping. Hardscape includes elements such as retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, and water features.

All of these various features help to improve the overall look and personality of your backyard, and they serve to make it look and feel more like a work of art while increasing the functionality of the space. It is ideal for outdoor living in Apex. The outdoor kitchen is a prime example of this. With the right development, the outdoor kitchen can look very pleasing, and it is a space you will actually love to use.


Working with the Professionals

While you might have some great ideas, as well as a DIY attitude, you might find that making the actual changes to your space on your own is simply too much work. Turning a backyard into a work of art takes time, dedication, and experience. While you might have the dedication, chances are good that you do not have the time or the experience. Professionals can take care of all of that for you and provide you with the best outdoor living in Sanford.

When choosing a group of professionals who can turn your backyard into something truly special, it is a good idea to try to find a company that can offer help in all of the different areas from lighting to waterscapes to fire pits, trees, and more. This ensures that the overall vision of the backyard stays the same. For the best outdoor living in Chapel Hill, find the right landscaper.


Developing the Ideas

Even though you might want to have a landscaping company take care of the actual work of retrofitting your backyard, you need to be heavily involved in the creative process of developing your space. Have a list of ideas and things that you want in your space, and then work with the landscaper to see which ideas will work the best. You can work together to create a space that you will love and that will soon be the entertainment center of your home.

Residents looking for the best outdoor living in Raleigh and Chapel Hill know how important it is to have a great yard. Get in touch with professionals who can put together a masterpiece for you.



Also check out Pinterest for Modern Landscaping Ideas

Hardscaping is an excellent way to add instant appeal to your existing landscaping.  Whether your style is old world European, modern elegance or country casual, we can help you design the landscape of your dreams.

Stone Surfacing


There are a wide variety of different materials one could use to create a beautiful hardscape. While brick is one option, there are many other options available to create the amazing patio of your dreams. For example, stones can be used for a gorgeous area that is unique to you! (Pic)


Add Some Color


Patios and other hardscapes often run the risk of being drab. Make sure this isn’t a possibility by adding some colorful elements to your area! Glass is a material that can be used as an accent to your monochrome space.


Think Outside the Trough


Rather than building up walls of hard materials such as brick and stone, trough planters can be used as a privacy screen for your patio. Not only making your area one-of-a-kind, this idea also provides another colorful element to your hardscape.

Mood Lighting


Consider how you want your space to look both during the day and at night. Perhaps you want to have a nice outdoor dinner in that perfect time of year between summer and fall. You may want to incorporate some soft lighting into your hardscape that will really set the mood. Rather than harsh floodlights attached to your house, lights close to the ground or focused on your plants can provide light without jarring your senses.

Creating Your Backyard Like Your Favorite Travel Destination, Italy

Do you have a deep love for Italy? Many North Carolina residents love the idea of traveling, and perhaps they’ve even made a trip or two to Italy. Perhaps it is the perfect idea for a vacation. If you dream of Italy, why not bring it to your own backyard, literally. With some creativity, you can actually make your backyard look and feel like an Italian garden. Many who love the idea of creative outdoor living with Cary Landscape Design – Italy inspired, should thoroughly embrace this idea. Here are some simple tips to help make your yard look like the vacation spot you love.


Photo References

It’s a good idea to have some photo references when you are first contemplating your idea for creating the perfect Italian style outdoor living in Apex. Look at images from the Mediterranean and Tuscany for some great ideas. When you have some photo references, it allows you to imagine what your backyard would look like with an Italian overhaul. It can also make it easier for the landscapers who will be helping you turn your idea into a reality.


The Right Colors

You also need to consider the colors for your space. The right colors can evoke feelings of Italy relatively easily. Consider the look of the Italian landscape and choose some earth tones, greens, tans, browns, and other rustic colors. Look at your reference photos at the color palettes so you can get an idea of what might look great for your outdoor living space in Sanford. You do not have to stick with these colors, but they will help to give an authentic feel to the space.


Consider the Stonework and Other Features that Give the Space Flavor

Stonework as always been very important in Italian design and that holds true for the gardens as well. You should also consider adding a nice water feature, such as a fountain. Courtyard fountains have always been popular in Italy, and having a nice fountain or other water feature in your backyard gives you the Italian feel quite nicely. Some wrought iron accents and furniture, along with a variety of plants, can help to complete the look of your garden. Consider getting some additional planters for around the patio for some added greenery.


Work with a Professional

When you want to create a space that you, your family, and your friends will all love, you need to work with a professional. Whether you are creating a space for Italian style outdoor living in Jordan Lake, Preston, or any other neighborhood in the area, you need the help from the pros who can take care of all of the hard work for you. They can help you choose the plants that will best evoke the look and feel of Italy.


Of course, creating a space for outdoor living in Chapel Hill and nearby areas that looks like an Italian garden is just one option. You might want to consider creating a backyard to look like a different vacation destination that you love as well. Choose what’s right for you.

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twister016We think this rose is supposed to look like 4th of July fireworks.  Red and white striped is certainly appropriate, and it’s a vigorous climber with canes of 12 to 14 feet that would stand out in any garden.  A 1999 All-America Rose Selection, ‘Fourth of July’ was the first climber to make the AARS award in more than 20 years.  Judge John Mattia called ‘Fourth of July’ “the best garden rose introduced in the last decade,” and he said it’s “an eye-catcher” in all parts of the country.  Fragrant as well, and it re-blooms after the first flush.

Landscaping your lawn, yard, or area around your house gives an aesthetic appeal to the entire location. It allows you to make use of the free space around your house, to make new installations that look good and can be useful also. You can opt for commercial landscaping, residential landscaping, or landscaping for any other place that you want to look better.

Saving on landscaping

Before going ahead with your landscaping plans, you should first gauge how much the overall cost will be, and how much you’re planning to spend. Given below are a few points that can help you in cutting down the overall cost of landscaping your property.

Planning: Sketch the design you want to build before buying anything. You should know what product and how much of it you need to avoid wasting money on things you may not need.

Design: You can always choose to build a square deck or patio, but paying a designer to chart out the space for you will help you in avoiding unappealing designs that you don’t use later on.

Talk with experts: You might not want to hire a whole team of architects or designers for landscaping your property, but you should still go for professional consultations. One comes to mind… 🙂 This will give a professional touch to the project and will help you in avoiding costly mistakes in the construction.

Buy in installments: Landscaping the full property at once can be a costly affair. You should try to divide the project into different phases, and buy items as and when you need them. This will save you from credit or loan costs and will allow you to plan the future course one step at a time.

Cheaper isn’t always better: Home improvement places usually charge less for common items like lumber or plants. These products may not be of the best quality, which you can get in specialized stores. Also, if you go to specialized stores, you can benefit from expert tips and advices that may help you out with the construction.

Timing the purchases: When you buy items is equally important. For instance, lumber is usually cheaper during the winter season. Buying late into the season can help you save money on shrubs, trees, mulch, soil, and perennials.

Go online: Websites and catalogs help in expanding your choices, especially in the case of specialized products and rare plants. There may be shipping charges involved which will be added to the purchase.

Accept cheaper items in some cases: In case of some items, the quality doesn’t vary much between the cheaper and expensive products. You can get bargains at perennials and annuals, pavers, containers, and mulch. But note that some of the “big box” shops may not keep plants in a caring environment, such as those in a plant nursery.

Landscaping is a form of art that can enhance the look and feel of your property. In general, such projects can be very exhausting and costly if you do it yourself, and professionals should be allowed to work on them.

Landscaping your property is a comprehensive project that requires regular maintenance from your side. There are many situations that can negatively affect the life and quality of your shrubs, trees, flowers, plants, and lawn. Weather plays a major role in the life of a landscaped lawn or a backyard. Nature elements like rain or wind can ruin the whole landscaping if you are not careful with maintenance of the property.

Maintenance tips

Landscaping maintenance, as said above, is crucial in ensuring that your landscaping efforts do not fade away with time. Given below are a few tips on helping homeowners preserve the landscape of their property that they have put much effort in making.

Tip 1:

When the plants have been initially installed, there’s frequently a level of transplant shock. As such, proper water becomes essential for the life of gardens and lawn. To achieve the best results, you should pour water directly into root balls so that complete saturation occurs 203 times every week. Sprinklers and irrigation systems may not give significant saturation till the root expansion occurs in the surrounding soil area.

Tip 2:

If you care properly for the plants and place them in proper locations, then you can be sure that they will be in good condition. Also, by proper placing, you can avoid damages caused by diseases and insects. If required, you can also apply pesticides in the affected areas.

Tip 3:

The basic maintenance of lawns includes proper watering, especially during hot and dry periods. To have an established lawn, deep watering (about an inch in depth) should be done every morning. You can buy rain gauges from the local gardening center. When installing a new lawn, it is advisable to water twice daily, once in morning and once again in the late afternoon. Don’t water new sods in the evenings as it may lead to fungus growth due to excessive moisture.

Tip 4:

In case of first time landscaping of the property, it is recommended to hire the services of professional landscapers to help maintain the property. This can be looked as a sort of partnership – you give the input about what type of look you’re expecting, and the firms will then help you in achieving your targets. Also, participate actively in the decoration and planning phases of the landscaping.

Tip 5:

According to professional designers, the lawn and gardening improvements can help increase the value of your property by 7-15 %. This is in spite of the economic slowdown. As such, you have more reasons for maintaining your property. Landscaping maintenance can be an exhausting affair. It requires constant care and improvements to make it look nice. Hiring professional landscapers for maintenance jobs can save you a lot of time and energy.

Go Green This Fall!

Going green isn’t just a term to describe the color of your plants in the springtime. It’s also a term that can be used to describe landscaping habits that help create a sustainable and ecofriendly environment. Plants and trees are inherently good for the environment, as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, but here are five green landscaping tips!

1. Xeriscaping

This strange word refers to designing and choosing plants for your yard that will create a low-water landscape. The most effective way to do this is to pick plants that are native to North Carolina. Native plants are more adjusted to our climate and thus will not require as much water as non-native plants. Some native plants of the south include the hardy hibiscus, indian pink, and crested iris.

2. Morning Watering

Speaking of water management, another great way to conserve water is to know that the best time of day to water your lawn and plants is in the morning. In the morning, it is more likely that your water will reach the roots of the plants, where it needs to be. In the evening, much of the water will evaporate before it does its job! Whatever you do, DO NOT water in the middle of the day. Not only will this be an ineffective time to water due to evaporation, but in high-sunlight water acts as a reflector and magnifier and will scorch your grass and plants.

3. Strategic Trees

Trees are for more than just climbing! Plant deciduous trees to provide shade to that can help cut down on energy costs to cool your house. The leaves of deciduous trees fall off in autumn, but if you also plant evergreen trees, they can help block your house from cold winter winds. Using these two types of trees, you can cut down on energy use, which is good for the environment AND your wallet!

4. Reuse Grass Clippings & Leaves

A problem many of us face is what to do with our grass clippings in the summer and all the leaves we’ve raked in the fall. Grass clippings are a great source of natural fertilizer for your lawn, as clipped grass contains many nutrients that your grass can still use. Rather than bagging the clippings, leave them where they lie or spread them across your grass. As for your leaves, they can be mulched and composted! Chop them up and add them to the compost bin rather than bagging them up!

5. Rainwater Irrigation

Did you know that a 1-inch rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof produces 600 gallons of water? If you can collect this water from downspouts, you can use it to water your lawn and plants!

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