Design Ideas for Hardscapes

Hardscaping is an excellent way to add instant appeal to your existing landscaping.  Whether your style is old world European, modern elegance or country casual, we can help you design the landscape of your dreams.

Stone Surfacing


There are a wide variety of different materials one could use to create a beautiful hardscape. While brick is one option, there are many other options available to create the amazing patio of your dreams. For example, stones can be used for a gorgeous area that is unique to you! (Pic)


Add Some Color


Patios and other hardscapes often run the risk of being drab. Make sure this isn’t a possibility by adding some colorful elements to your area! Glass is a material that can be used as an accent to your monochrome space.


Think Outside the Trough


Rather than building up walls of hard materials such as brick and stone, trough planters can be used as a privacy screen for your patio. Not only making your area one-of-a-kind, this idea also provides another colorful element to your hardscape.

Mood Lighting


Consider how you want your space to look both during the day and at night. Perhaps you want to have a nice outdoor dinner in that perfect time of year between summer and fall. You may want to incorporate some soft lighting into your hardscape that will really set the mood. Rather than harsh floodlights attached to your house, lights close to the ground or focused on your plants can provide light without jarring your senses.

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