Cary Landscape Design – Italy inspired

Cary Landscape Design - Italy inspired

Creating Your Backyard Like Your Favorite Travel Destination, Italy

Do you have a deep love for Italy? Many North Carolina residents love the idea of traveling, and perhaps they’ve even made a trip or two to Italy. Perhaps it is the perfect idea for a vacation. If you dream of Italy, why not bring it to your own backyard, literally. With some creativity, you can actually make your backyard look and feel like an Italian garden. Many who love the idea of creative outdoor living with Cary Landscape Design – Italy inspired, should thoroughly embrace this idea. Here are some simple tips to help make your yard look like the vacation spot you love.


Photo References

It’s a good idea to have some photo references when you are first contemplating your idea for creating the perfect Italian style outdoor living in Apex. Look at images from the Mediterranean and Tuscany for some great ideas. When you have some photo references, it allows you to imagine what your backyard would look like with an Italian overhaul. It can also make it easier for the landscapers who will be helping you turn your idea into a reality.


The Right Colors

You also need to consider the colors for your space. The right colors can evoke feelings of Italy relatively easily. Consider the look of the Italian landscape and choose some earth tones, greens, tans, browns, and other rustic colors. Look at your reference photos at the color palettes so you can get an idea of what might look great for your outdoor living space in Sanford. You do not have to stick with these colors, but they will help to give an authentic feel to the space.


Consider the Stonework and Other Features that Give the Space Flavor

Stonework as always been very important in Italian design and that holds true for the gardens as well. You should also consider adding a nice water feature, such as a fountain. Courtyard fountains have always been popular in Italy, and having a nice fountain or other water feature in your backyard gives you the Italian feel quite nicely. Some wrought iron accents and furniture, along with a variety of plants, can help to complete the look of your garden. Consider getting some additional planters for around the patio for some added greenery.


Work with a Professional

When you want to create a space that you, your family, and your friends will all love, you need to work with a professional. Whether you are creating a space for Italian style outdoor living in Jordan Lake, Preston, or any other neighborhood in the area, you need the help from the pros who can take care of all of the hard work for you. They can help you choose the plants that will best evoke the look and feel of Italy.


Of course, creating a space for outdoor living in Chapel Hill and nearby areas that looks like an Italian garden is just one option. You might want to consider creating a backyard to look like a different vacation destination that you love as well. Choose what’s right for you.

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