Top 5 Causes of Brown Patches on Your Grass

Top 5 Causes of Brown Patches on Your Lawn


Brown patches are among the most irritating of lawn problems. If you rule out single causes such as dog urine, then the spots seem to occur arbitrarily and out of the blue, making it difficult to say what their cause could be. Below, we give some reasons for lawns turning brown.

  1. Heat Exhaustion

    The 150 Rule is when you add air temperature and humidity and the two numbers add to 150 that creates a condition for lawn diseases. The rain has been wonderful for our lawns that are dark green and in great shape. When lawns receive rain, add that to your 1-1.5 inch of watering a week during the summer.

  2. Competing Tree Roots

    Tree roots compete with grass-roots for water, producing brown spots. One way of getting around this problem is to water the areas concentrated more heavily. In the long run, however, it may be simpler to remove the grass altogether from this spot and replace it with organic mulch.

  3. Dull Mower Blades

    If your lawn mower blades are blunt, they simply shred the tips of the grass plants, which means that they dry out rapidly, creating brown spots in your garden. So, keep your lawn mower sharp to retain moisture in your grass and a clean-cut discourages lawn diseases..  We take care of this every morning on our mowers.

  4. Thatch!

    Thatch, which is a spongy layer between the grass and the soil, can produce brown spots where it is thick enough. Water, oxygen and fertilizer movement lessens under thatch, harming roots. The principal reason behind thatch is dead turfgrass, stems and roots, that don’t decompose quickly. When these elements accumulate more quickly than they decompose, thatch and brown spots form.

  5. Cutting Too Short

    Scalping occurs when the mower is used on an uneven lawn surface. This means that excessive grass is removed from the tops of grass that has grown higher. The turf dies out because there is no green canopy to protect it against the sun’s heat. This is what creates scalped areas which are brown spots. You could try increasing the mowing height to get rid of the problem.


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